Officina delle Nuvole, the Association of Independent Creatives that I form with Caterina ParonaLaura ToffalettiDaniela Rosi and Bruno Boveri, created Carpet Diem Project | Limited Edition, a complex and fun promotional event based on a social game, in the beautiful home of Il Mercante d'Oriente, one of the most important Italian carpet merchants and also one of the more active producers of textile culture.
We transformed the different abilities of visitors in a playful collective moment,
inspired by traditional Italian board games such as the famous "Game of the Goose".

Only fortune decided roles and forms that participants would assume becoming an integral part of the board, a flying carpet to travel with imagination and irony.
Shot on a set housed in the premises of the Merchant, invitees entered in 46 boxes obtained by the inclusion of portraits in nineteenth-century engravings.
Every guests left with his own image, kept in a folder with the game rules and the instructions to download the high-res files from Carpet Diem Project | Limited Edition, the same site used for the event's promotion.
Concept: Officina delle Nuvole
Photographs: Marco Ambrosi and Caterina Parona
Design and decoration of the table game: Laura Toffaletti
Remake of the illustrations: Alvise Rivero Gonzales.
Back-stage photos: Marianna Bellamoli
Prints: Greenville by DiGiovine.
Location: Il Mercante d'Oriente
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