Portraits in Black is a work born from the collaboration of different actors: three photographers - Marco Ambrosi, Matteo Danesin and Aldo Sodoma -  the Centre for Immigration Studies in Verona, the Cities of Verona and Padua, the Padua University Sociology Department.

We photographers wanted to use our art as a tool to discover, describe and possibly change reality. 
After two years we opened a major exhibition of over one hundred large format images at the International Centre Scavi Scaligeri in Verona and later at the Museo del Santo in Padua. Subject were different Pentecostal communities composed by people from Nigeria and Ghana, resident in Verona.

Each author has brought his own point of view by exploring a different aspect of life of these communities.
Marco Ambrosi visited several churches with his portable studio taking portraits of people dressed in sumptuous feast. Matteo Danesin has become a familiar host of ceremonies, parties and other meetings.
Aldo Sodoma got to visit their homes and their workplaces, describing the' 'real world'' of these people socially invisible.

Since then the project
has been shown in Spain, France, USA, Poland, Slovak Republic, Greece, China, Germany, UK, Portugal, Nigeria, Senegal.

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