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I recently attended a photography course taught by Marco, which has have been of great help in improving my approach to image building and to defining targets and goals. Marco is a very competent and helpful person.
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Senior Art-Director and Copy-Writer 
Marco Ambrosi is a photographer from which to learn a lot: hot to shoot, how to enhance it with post-production, how each detail can be improved. Then, never mind if it takes you one day instead of two hours. The time slips away quietly, the picture remains forever.
Creative Director and CEO at CARSA
Photography is a language: a language that, as well as verbal language, has its own rules (of grammar and syntax, structural and expressive). The grammar of photography? Exposure lenght, aperture, lens angle, exposure, focus, depth of field ... Syntax? Choice of framing, use of light, lenses, composition , content distribution ...  
Marco Ambrosi is a great photographer, one of the most versatile and multifaceted I've ever known. He masters all these elements with the confidence and knowledge of a professional that has never lost the pleasure of creating.
Director of Bari's Polytechnic Photographic Museum 
In these last few years the training proposal, in the field of Photography, has increased exponentially.
Difficult to find which course will best meet your needs basing your choice only on its number of hours, on the arguments listed and on its cost. The ability and the teaching experience of Marco Ambrosi are of high standard and together with his creative imagination are a guarantee for all students to receive new ideas and innovative proposals. If you can also find a technical capacity like his be sure you chose a teacher who can guarantee a very high learning level.
Student at Verona's Fine Art Academy
Prof. Ambrosi, has been able to motivate and infuse us with his passion for photography and image. I found his teaching method really effective, not only for his notable knowledge but also for his immense ability to get close to each of us with participation and availability, devoting the same energy to every project, constantly pushing us to search for something new. Through dialogue he brought to light what we wanted to express, offering to each student a different way of expression. I really learned much more than I envisioned.

Owner at STAR-RING 
Marco is one of the best still-life photographer in Italy. He is very creative and in time he has developed an hight level creative photo postproduction on his work. He has worked for the most important adv agency in italy. I've always loved his work.
Freelance Art-Director and Graphic Designer 
I had the good fortune to work with Marco. I was always struck by his passion for photography and the humility with which every time he faced the work. His infinite patience and kindness and his untiring desire to pursue excellence make him without a doubt a true professional with whom you really wish to work.
Strategist and Creative Director, Professor, founder of Gorgelous, a platform for creative projects about food.
Marco is a superb photographer, we worked together a lot on food projects. We always went at different speeds. He was very accurate and slow, I was incredibly fast and able to understand in a flash how the composition had to be done. We always perfectly compensated. Generally things happened this way: he was careful, meticulous, always committed to define the last details of a photo. This took all the time that was necessary. I was used to fly in the morning from Rome, he made me find a table full of ingredients in Verona. Immediately we began to compose as we were Caravaggio and his assistant. And miraculously everything found its place.Then at two I was back on my plane. And the photos were wonderful.
gorgelous. com
Creative Director and Partner
And who, if not those who - like me - have been lucky enough  to prove him  on the field, can tell from experience how good he is, beautiful, funny, honest, fun and creative? Working with Marco is (humanly) a pleasure and (professionally) a warranty!
Communication and Event Manager, Copywriter, Music Publisher, Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter 
I've been Marco's friend and collaborator for many years. He is a professional photographer of the highest level, a creative mind of vast culture with which it's particularly challenging to plan and develop communication projects that often border on the territory of other arts and languages. He's an "artist of encounter", a cultural operator of inexhaustible enthusiasm, able to find, aggregate and work together with the brightest minds. I worked closely with him both in the advertising projects, both in the organization of cultural and artistic events. But beyond his many talents, Marco is a wonderful person with whom it's always a pleasure to stay.
Outsider Art Critic and Cultural Animator 
I really know many talented photographers. Among them, I certainly consider Marco Ambrosi the one who has the higher technical skills. Marco is an incredibly good technician! Coming to his artistic research he has an interesting view of life: he's sensitive, generous and socially committed. which, of course, emerges in his work.
Calligrapher and Illustrator, Trainer
Marco's images, never predictable, come from a sight constantly engaged to intercept and connect signals, contamination, overlaps - from the most erudite citations to the most ridiculous ideas - and return them mixed masterfully in a brand new dress.
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